We are happy to present you a varied selection of experienced speakers on Java, JavaScript / web dev, and ops. Check out our lineup so far. We'll be announcing more speakers soon – stay tuned.

Eberhard Wolff

Fellow at innoQ with more than 15 years of experience working at the intersection of business and technology

Talk: Keynote on Continuous Improvement

Kevlin Henney

Consultant, speaker, writer, and trainer with a focus on patterns, programming, practice, and process

Talk: Keynote on Forced Evolution

Ron Pressler

Veteran programmer at Oracle, leader of Project Loom

Talk: Project Loom - Fibers on the JVM

Grace Jansen

Biologist, developer advocate at IBM, working with Open Liberty and Reactive Platform.

Talk: Reacting to the Future of Application Architecture

Angie Jones

Senior developer advocate, test automation expert, teacher, inventor

Talk: Test Automation Beyond Java 8

Colby Fayock

Front end lead and UX designer who's passionate about tackling challenges that can help save people's lives and make the world a better place

Talk: Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack

Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, Erklärbär

Talk: JavaScript Through the Eyes of a JavaScript Engine

Nicolas Frankel

Hazelcast developer advocate, experienced consultant, teacher, trainer and author focused on testing, CI/CD, and DevOps

Talk: Your own Kubernetes Operator: Not Only in Go

Peter Verhas

Senior software engineer, software architect, mentor, and author

Talk: Java Value Types and What Golang Teaches Us About Them

Rachel Appel

Developer Advocate at JetBrains, veteran creator, web dev expert

Talk: Build Awesome AF Apps!

Philipp Krenn

Web, infrastructure, and database engineer turned developer advocate at Elastic, lives to demo technology

Talk: Centralized Logging Patterns

Roderick Hsiao

Tech lead at Tinder web platform, loves to build performant web apps accessible to all users

Talk: Progressively Enhance Your Web Application

Samuel Nitsche

Curiosity-driven software developer, interested in modern database development, automated testing, and code quality - wears Sith robes

Talk: Continuous Improvement of the Death Star Database

Younes Jaaidi

Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies - his favorite trick: adding features by removing code

Talk: What Happens When You Cancel an HTTP Request?