We are happy to present you a varied selection of experienced speakers on Java, JavaScript / web dev, and ops. Check out our lineup so far. We'll be announcing more speakers soon — stay tuned.

Eberhard Wolff

Fellow at innoQ with more than 15 years of experience working at the intersection of business and technology

Talk: Continuous Improvement — Really?

Panel: Developing Applications for the Cloud

Kevlin Henney

Consultant, speaker, writer, and trainer with a focus on patterns, programming, practice, and process

Talk: Discontinuous Improvement

Panel: Tests and Code and Mock'n'Roll

Ron Pressler

Veteran programmer at Oracle, leader of Project Loom

Talk: Project Loom: Modern Scalable Concurrency for the Java Platform

Grace Jansen

Biologist, developer advocate at IBM, working with Open Liberty and Reactive Platform.

Talk: Reacting to the Future of Application Architecture

Panel: Developing Applications for the Cloud

Angie Jones

Senior developer advocate, freshly minted Java Champion, test automation expert, teacher, inventor

Talk: Test Automation Beyond Java 8

Panel: Tests and Code and Mock'n'Roll

Anne Currie

Tech industry veteran, startup founder, container expert; works, fittingly, at Container Solutions

Ignite Talk: Anthropomorphism — The Next Security Danger

Bart Enkelaar

Backend expert, site reliability engineer, optimistic bubble of enthusiasm

Talk: The case for SRE

Christian Schwörer

Supporter of digital transformations towards distributed, cloud-based microservice architectures and serverless computing, but not as a silver bullet

Talk: It's a Match: Kotlin, Micronaut, and GraalVM

Colby Fayock

Front end lead and UX designer who's passionate about tackling challenges that can help save people's lives and make the world a better place

Talk: Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack

Bukky Adebayo

Senior product manager for security products at GitHub, worked on tech policy in the US Senate, passionate about building intentional and inclusive high functioning teams

Panel: DevSecOps State of the Union

George Adams

Java Program Manager at Microsoft, AdoptOpenJDK co-founder and chair of its Technical Steering Committee, OpenJS and NodeJS contributor

Panel: The AdoptOpenJDK Build Farm — Delivering Java Runtimes at World Scale

Josh Long

Spring developer advocate, Java Champion, author, speaker, podcaster, screencaster

Talk: Something, Something, Spring

John Oliver

Works on performance tooling and analysis in Microsoft's Java team, serves on the Technical Steering Committee at AdoptOpenJDK

Panel: The AdoptOpenJDK Build Farm — Delivering Java Runtimes at World Scale

Liran Tal

Snyk developer advocate, member of the Node.js Security working group, OWASP NodeGoat contributor, JSHeroes ambassador, author

Panel: DevSecOps State of the Union

Nicolas Frankel

Hazelcast developer advocate, experienced consultant, teacher, trainer and author focused on testing, CI/CD, and DevOps

Talk: Your own Kubernetes Operator: Not Only in Go

Martijn Verburg

Principal Software Engineering Group Manager for Java at Microsoft, director at AdoptOpenJDK, speaker, author, Java Champion, Diabolical Developer

Talk: The Diabolical Developer's Guide to Picking Your Java

Q&A: How Secure are OpenJDK Distributions?

Omer Levi Hevroni

DevSecOps developer and advocate at Snyk, OWASP member, Kamus contributor

Ignite Talk: Vulnerable Dependencies — It's Not About Discovery

Peter Verhas

Senior software engineer, software architect, mentor, and author

Talk: Java Value Types and What Golang Teaches Us About Them

Philipp Krenn

Web, infrastructure, and database engineer turned developer advocate at Elastic, lives to demo technology

Talk: Centralized Logging Patterns

Ignite Talk: Helm Charts and Kubernetes Operators

Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, Erklärbär

Talk: JavaScript Through the Eyes of a JavaScript Engine

Ignite Talk: Warhol

Roderick Hsiao

Tech lead at Tinder web platform, loves to build performant web apps accessible to all users

Talk: Progressively Enhance Your Web Application

Rachel Appel

Developer Advocate at JetBrains, veteran creator, web dev expert

Talk: Build Awesome AF Apps!

Panel: Developing Applications for the Cloud

Samantha Humphries

Cyber security veteran with 20 years experience, go-to person for data compliance questions, author, speaker

Panel: DevSecOps State of the Union

Samuel Nitsche

Curiosity-driven software developer, interested in modern database development, automated testing, and code quality — wears Sith robes

Talk: Continuous Improvement of the Death Star Database

Q&A: SQL Injections — An old and powerful enemy

Steve Poole

IBM developer advocate, DevOps practitioner (what ever that means), long-time IBM Java developer, leader, and evangelist

Panel: Developing Applications for the Cloud

Wolfgang Goerlich

Advisory CISO for Duo Security, active member of the security community, host of a YouTube series

Panel: DevSecOps State of the Union

Vishal Rai

Co-Founder and CEO of Embold, clean coder, biker

Talk: The Future of Static Code Analysis and AI

Younes Jaaidi

Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies — his favorite trick: adding features by removing code

Talk: What Happens When You Cancel an HTTP Request?

Ignite Talk: TDD is dead, long live Timeboxed TDD & TCR

Panel: Tests and Code and Mock'n'Roll