JavaScript Through the Eyes of a JavaScript Engine

Web pages have gotten more and more complex over the years and as a result they have also gotten slower and slower. JavaScript is a major factor in the last few decades of performance decline, which also makes it the primary target for performance optimization. But to optimize performance you first have to understand the target platform, which is what this talk is all about.

This deep dive into the intricacies of JavaScript from the perspective of a browser's JS engine takes you from parsing JavaScript, to byte code interpreters and just-in-time compilers all the way to rendering whole web pages. Learn how to read flame graphs, measure function run times and understand which performance optimization strategies today's JavaScript engines employ to speed up script execution.

Armed with a better understanding of JavaScript engines, you can confidently attack any performance problem that may affect your production web project.


Peter Kröner

Frontend specialist, long-time teacher, Erklärbär More...