Accento Digital — Java/JavaScript/Ops

Accento Digital is an amazing online conference for experienced Java/web developers that doesn't need brick and mortar to create a rich atmosphere. If you're up for twelve hours of technical talks, interactive Q&As, inspiring panels and ignite sessions, and free-form discussions with other participants — all around Java, JavaScript, web development, and operations — you don't want to miss it.

  • Date: 7th of July 2020
  • Time: 6:00 to 18:00 UTC (that's 8:00 to 20:00 in Central Europe)
  • Location: on Hopin

Attending the talks is free; participating in the interactive formats sets you back at most 30 €. Sounds great? Then read on or get your ticket now!

Continuous Improvement

Whether it's writing code, operating software, or organizing a conference: Continuous improvement lies at the heart of getting it right. This is particularly true for DevOps, a topic that, next to Java and JavaScript / web development, will get the attention it deserves at Accento Digital. And it's just as important for Accento itself, where we learn from the first gig to make this one even better — current circumstances notwithstanding. Hence, it will be 2020's topic.

But why even have a conference topic? And what difference does it make? Let us explain.

Three Tracks, 18 Talks, 2 Keynotes

Accento Digital will have about 20 talks, split across three tracks:

  • talks on Java and the JVM dive deep into our favorite backend platform, improving your understanding of essential tools and processes as well as bringing you up to speed on the newest developments (Java 15 EA, anybody?)
  • no backend without frontend — the JavaScript / web dev track focuses on making your user interface more resilient, have more performance, look nicer, and be all around even better to maintain and use
  • new in 2020, we'll look into operations — think continuous delivery, Docker, cloud, etc.

Here's a selection of what you can expect:

For the rest, check the full list of talks.

Beyond the talks, we have plenty of other activities planned for you — read on.

Remote? Online? Digital!

On the surface, conferences deal in talks and speakers. But ask any frequent conference goer what they like about them and most will mention the community, the hallway track, the chance to meet industry experts, and the discussions with other developers — some may forget to even mention the talks. Accento Digital doesn't ignore that fact, it takes it in stride.

As we see it, the key ingredient to making Accento Digital just as social and serendipitous as physical events is communication. We want you to communicate — with us, with the speakers and panelists, but most importantly with one another. That's why we'll give you plenty of opportunities to communicate:

  • talks and ensuing Q&As (obviously)
  • dedicated Q&A sessions where subject-matter specialists answer your questions
  • ignite talks that present an inspiring idea or a refreshing angle and then open the floor for a discussion that everybody can participate in
  • panels where two to four experts rope you into a joined conversation on a hot topic
  • three rooms dedicated to Containers, Cloud, and Co, Security and Quality where everything but the talks take place; they remain open all day long, so conversations never have to end and you can join ongoing discussions and find like-minded developers whenever you want
  • a few more rooms for you to hang out in and chat about anything that comes to mind
  • closed betas — short evening events in the weeks leading up to the conference where you, us, a speaker or to hang out a bit to get to know one another

(There's more to this story than fits here — read it.)

Here are some of the experts you can meet in the three topic rooms:

Don't care about all that squishy human touch? No problem: If you're content with thrilling talks by great speakers, you can attend for free. If you think the full digital conference experience is where it's at, you can buy a ticket to participate. Which brings us to...


Thrilled?! So are we! Then come by and attend just the talks or participate in all of the formats.

Attendee Ticket

Two keynotes plus six awesome talks (seventeen, actually, but can you really watch three talks at once?).

Get it for free!
(directly on Hopin)

Participant Ticket

Keynotes, six talks (same joke applies), and all the Q&As, ignite talks, panels, and pre-events you could ever hope for.

Get it for 30 €!
(on Eventbrite)

Hold Your Horses — Get Your Discount

We believe that small dev communities are integral to the ecosystem's continuous improvement and offer a 50% discount to JVM-based user groups (like JUGs) as well as JS and DevOps meetups. Check our partner program for details on how to qualify.

Students get a free participant ticket. Make sure to select the right ticket on checkout and be ready to mail us your certificate of enrollment if we ask for it.

Last but not least, if you have been at Accento 2019, pull out that business card we gave you at the closing keynote and redeem your code to get access to Early Adopter tickets, which allow for free participation. (And don't throw it away afterwards — who knows what else it can be good for!)


A conference of Accento's caliber with great speakers, a rich atmosphere, and smart attendees is only possible with strong partners.

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