Accento is an amazing combination of high-caliber conference and well-founded, hands-on trainings for experienced Java/web developers. If you're up for two days of inspiring talks, professional sessions, interesting discussions, and new ideas around Java, JavaScript, web development, and operations, you don't want to miss it.

  • Conference day: 29th of September 2020
  • Training day: 30th of September 2020
  • Location: Südwerk in Karlsruhe, Germany

Sounds great? Then read on or get your ticket now!

Continuous Improvement

Whether it's writing code, operating software, or organizing a conference: Continuous improvement lies at the heart of getting it right. This is particularly true for DevOps, a topic that, next to Java and JavaScript / web development, will get the attention it deserves at Accento 2020. And it's just as important for Accento itself, where we learn from the first gig to make this one even better. Hence, it will be 2020's topic.

But why even have a conference topic? And what difference does it make? Let us explain.

Three Tracks

Accento 2020 will have about 15 talks, split across three tracks:

  • talks on Java and the JVM dive deep into our favorite backend platform, improving your understanding of essential tools and processes as well as bringing you up to speed on the newest developments (Java 15, anybody?)
  • no backend without frontend — the JavaScript / web dev track focuses on making your user interface more resilient, have more performance, look nicer, and be all around even better to maintain and use
  • new in 2020, we'll look into operations — think continuous delivery, Docker, cloud, etc.

Call for Papers

Did you just read the list of topics and thought Wait, I know about that! Then come on stage and tell us about it. First, submit a talk, though — the call for papers is open until March 31st.

It doesn't have to be a full hour. We'll once again have lightning talks (which we'll schedule better than last year) that give you the chance to bite-size your content. This is a great way to one-inch punch your audience (figuratively!) or start your speaking career with a less daunting presentation.

Pineapple Party

No conference without afterparty: We're looking forward to chill out with you at a local club and enjoy tasty food, cool drinks, and good music. After a day full of learning, you definitely deserve this.

Early Bird Tickets

Thrilled?! So are we! If you trust us to put together a great program (see last year's for reference), be an early bird and save ~20% by buying tickets before the talks are published:

Conference Ticket

Keynote plus five awesome talks (fifteen, actually, but you can't be in three places at the same time, can you?).

Get it for 200 €* !

Training Ticket

Pick one of four trainings (once they're published) and spend a day deep-diving with an industry expert.

Get it for 400 €* !

Combi Ticket

Keynote, five talks (same joke applies), and one training — what more could you ask for?

Get it for 500 €* !

(* Discounted prices for early-bird tickets. Available until 27th of April.)

Hold Your Horses — Get Your Discount

We believe that small dev communities are integral to the ecosystem's continuous improvement and offer a 20% discount to JVM-based user groups (like JUGs) as well as JS and DevOps meetups — this is in addition to the early-bird discount. Check our partner program for details on how to qualify.

Students get a conference ticket for 30 EUR. Make sure to select the right ticket on checkout and bring your certificate of enrollment with you to the conference.

Last but not least, if you have been at Accento 2019, pull out that business card we gave you at the closing keynote and redeem your code to get access to Early Adopter tickets (only during the early-bird phase), which cost last year's prices. (And don't throw it away afterwards — who knows what else it can be good for!)


A conference of Accento's caliber with great speakers, a beautiful venue, and smart attendees is only possible with strong partners. Hence, we're looking for companies and communities that help us make it the best conference it can be. Check out our partner program and chose from many options to be part of Accento 2020.

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