Samantha Humphries

Samantha has 20 years of experience in cyber security, and during this time has defined strategy for multiple security products and technologies, helped hundreds of organizations of all shapes, sizes, and geographies recover and learn from cyber attacks, and trained anyone who'll listen on security concepts and solutions. Sam's a go-to person for data compliance related questions, and has to regularly remind people that she isn't a lawyer, although if she had a time machine she probably would be. She authors articles and blogs for various security publications, and is a regular speaker and volunteer at industry events, including BSides, IPExpo, CyberSecurityX, The Diana Initiative, and Blue Team Village (DEFCON).

Talks and other Contributions

DevSecOps State of the Union

DevSecOps integrates security expertise into the DevOps cycle. This panel discusses why this approach hasn't been widely adopted, yet, and what can be done to address that. More...