Test Automation Beyond Java 8

Java is the most popular programming language in the world and is certainly the most used for test automation. However, many automation engineers only scratch the surface of this powerful language.

While most people are still using Java 8 from six years ago, new versions of the language are being released every six months! The latest versions provide an abundance of new features such as functional programming capabilities, switch expressions, local variable type inference, additions to the Stream API, new factory methods for Collections, text blocks, and much more.

With so much content, your Java upgrade should be more than simply the update of a jar file. Your test code no longer has to be as verbose as it once was, meaning less code to write and maintain!

This talk will introduce the new features of Java 9 — 14 and provide examples of how these features can be used for test automation.


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Angie Jones

Senior developer advocate, freshly minted Java Champion, test automation expert, teacher, inventor More...