Samuel Nitsche

Samuel Nitsche is a curiosity-driven software developer with nearly 20 years of experience. His main interest is on modern database development, automated testing and code quality, topics he writes regularly about on different platforms.

He is one of the main contributors and maintainers of utPLSQL, a testing framework for PL/SQL, and loves to share his experience in an entertaining way — gladly in Sith robes — at meetups and conferences.

Talks and other Contributions

Continuous Improvement of the Death Star Database

"Database development is outdated, inflexible and boring" says the Sith Lord in charge of Death Star development. But modern and agile development close to the data is possible: version control, TDD, migration-based delivery or continuous improvement via Evolutionary Database Design More...

SQL Injections — An old and powerful enemy

Injections are the number 1 among the OWASP Top Ten web application security risks, but what exactly is it and how does it work? What aspects would you like to learn more about? Let Samuel help you. More...