Younes Jaaidi

Younes is a Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies. He is a trainer, consultant, and eXtreme Programming coach who loves the challenge of boosting teams' efficiency and helping everyone enjoy every part of their job. His experience convinced him that the key to making quality products is collective ownership, passion, and knowledge sharing.

In his spare time, you will find him contributing to open-source software, writing articles or speaking at meetups or conferences... and sometimes sailing.

His favorite trick? Adding features by removing code.

Talks and other Contributions

What Happens When You Cancel an HTTP Request?

Reactive libraries like RxJS allow us to easily cancel HTTP requests but is that really efficient? What really happens on the back-end? Is it possible to propagate the cancellation from the front-end through our microservices and cancel the database query? More...

TDD is dead, long live Timeboxed TDD & TCR

Testing is important, TDD is great. Now push it further with TCR and Timeboxed TDD. More...

Tests and Code and Mock'n'Roll

Once you start testing all the things, you wonder should we mock all the things? Or integration-test everything? More...