TDD is dead, long live Timeboxed TDD & TCR

There is this team where every member is focused on the features they are separately working on. But pull requests are accumulating and the deadline is approaching. Some reviewers close their eyes and accept the changes in one click, others recommend some refactoring and sometimes complex changes that might jeopardize the release date.

That's when conflicts happen, things break, and integration hell starts. In short, there's something wrong with the development workflow that kills the time to market and demotivates the team.

You want to stay away from this caricature? Let's discover new testing approaches like Timeboxed TDD and Test, Commit, Revert (TCR) that can fix these issues and reduce the delay between code changes and production to minutes.


Younes Jaaidi

Google Developer Expert for Angular & Web Technologies — his favorite trick: adding features by removing code More...