Building Maps with Impact on React and the JAMstack

Working on building apps and interfaces is as challenging as it is rewarding. On one hand, being able to work on tools scientists use every day and giving first responders the ability to help save lives is rewarding in itself. On the other hand, getting to those goals is technically challenging considering building an application with useful map features, making it intuitive, and having infrastructure behind it that gives the map the features needed to be useful in the first place.

We'll talk about the technical challenges we face building maps and how the JAMstack has helped with that process. You can learn how the technology we use every day can help save lives as well as a brief overview of the JavaScript libraries used to render maps in a browser such as React and Leaflet. Maps are a powerful tool that provide much more than we take for granted and can help people understand another powerful use case of the tools they work with everyday.


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Colby Fayock

Front end lead and UX designer who's passionate about tackling challenges that can help save people's lives and make the world a better place More...