A conference is more than just cool talks. The community, the hallway track, the chance to meet industry experts, and the discussions with other developers are just as much a part of it. For this to happen you need the room to communicate and we want to offer that. Literally.

Note: To be able to enter these rooms at the conference and participate in the events that takes place therein, you need a participant ticket — the free attendee ticket does not suffice.

Topic Rooms

Accento Digital will have three topic rooms where you can meet other participants and talk about the topic at hand. This won't be mere chat rooms, to have a proper discussion you can decide to join with your webcam and mic. A moderator will be present to facilitate a good conversation. And to give you something to chew on, we will have a few ignite talks, Q&As, and panels in these rooms.

Ignite Talks
What better conversation starter than an ignite talk that challenges established practices or presents a new technique. They will last for 10 to 15 minutes to leave plenty of room for the discussion they spark. The speaker will of course be around as well to argue their point.
Is there a topic you have a few questions about? Need someone to help you over a bump in the road or give you their opinion? In these designated Q&As, an industry expert is ready to answer your questions.
Everybody has their opinion. And this is the chance to share it. Two or three speakers sit down to discuss a topic and you can join anytime to participate in the conversation

We invite you to join into these conversations! This isn't Netflix — if there's something you want to add, turn on your webcam or mic and participate on equal footing. (Read the guide for technical details.)

Three Rooms

There will be three topic rooms:

  • Containers: Docker, Kubernetes, cloud, microservices, etc. — ran by Microsoft
  • Security: vulnerabilities, frameworks, tooling, etc. — ran by Snyk
  • Quality: TDD, code style, etc.

Read on for details on each. To see what happens when and where, check the schedule.

Containers, Cloud, and Co

A room for everyone with their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds.

Developing Applications for the Cloud

Cloud app dev is more than just running on other people's hardware More...

The AdoptOpenJDK Build Farm — Delivering Java Runtimes at World Scale

A discussion around the pros and cons of containers in a global build and test farm, creating builds for a wide variety of platforms with varying container support More...

Helm Charts and Kubernetes Operators

Why do you need them, how do they differ, what are the tradeoffs? More...


Don't want to be the next Equifax or Ashley Madison? Join the security room to talk about all the things that can keep your app and your (users') data safe.

DevSecOps State of the Union

DevSecOps integrates security expertise into the DevOps cycle. This panel discusses why this approach hasn't been widely adopted, yet, and what can be done to address that. More...

SQL Injections — An old and powerful enemy

Injections are the number 1 among the OWASP Top Ten web application security risks, but what exactly is it and how does it work? What aspects would you like to learn more about? Let Samuel help you. More...

How Secure are OpenJDK Distributions?

Is any one Java distribution more secure than others? How so? More...

Anthropomorphism — The Next Security Danger

Robots, chatbots, facial recognition. Dystopian or utopian? More...

Vulnerable Dependencies — It's Not About Discovery

Finding vulnerable dependencies is one thing, but what's next? More...


Clean code, meaningful tests, good design, proper documentation... you know the drill

Tests and Code and Mock'n'Roll

Once you start testing all the things, you wonder should we mock all the things? Or integration-test everything? More...

TDD is dead, long live Timeboxed TDD & TCR

Testing is important, TDD is great. Now push it further with TCR and Timeboxed TDD. More...


Turn pattern libraries into automatic tests and find design errors in production — an introduction from its co-creator More...