Partners of Accento 2020

A conference of Accento's caliber with great speakers, a beautiful venue, and smart attendees is only possible with strong partners. Hence, we're looking for companies and communities that help us make it the best Java/JavaScript/DevOps conference it can be.

Company Partners

Being our partner comes with lots of benefits for your company: Get noticed by your target audience as brand and employer, have a lightning talk slot to tell attendees what makes you special, and be part of a great community.

So how can your company support Accento? There are many ways, from low level sponsoring to gold level support, your own booth and mentioning during the keynote.

Bronze Level:

  • 2 free tickets
  • unlimited discounted tickets
  • ad space at venue
  • logo on website and intermission slides
  • mentions on social media

Get it for 500 €.

Silver Level:

  • everything on bronze level
  • 2 more free tickets
  • 1 free ticket for HR
  • roll-up at venue
  • give away merchandise
  • logo on badge and program posters

Get it for 1000 € (limited to 8 slots).

Gold Level:

  • everything on silver level
  • 2 more free tickets
  • lightning talk slot
  • booth at venue
  • logo in website footer
  • mention during keynote

Get it for 2000 € (limited to 5 slots).

We'll soon be able to give you more details — if you want us to let you know when that happens, reach out via email.

Community Partners

We believe that small dev communities are integral to the ecosystem's continuous improvement and we partner with local JVM-based user groups (like JUGs) and JS and DevOps meetups to give their members 20 % discount.

If your community is a partner, it should have shown you a discount code at a recent meeting - make sure to use it when purchasing a ticket. If you've never seen such a code and would like your community to partner up with us, contact us via email.

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