Getting the Most out of Accento Digital

Countdown started: There is only one week left until Accento Digital 2020 will take place and we are excited to meet you! Of course, we would have been glad to welcome you again at Südwerk, but we are sure the digital experience will be as great as the offline event would have been. To help you prepare for a perfect online conference day, we composed this guide.

Important note: If anything goes seriously wrong during the conference and Hopin becomes unreachable, the conference will not stop. The show must go on — check the backup plan for how to proceed in that case.

At this point, we also would like to thank our partners for supporting us!

Preparation is Key: Technical Requirements

Although our original plans have been upset, this has affected our anticipation in no way. With Hopin we found a great tool that allows a truly interactive atmosphere. As every tool has its own technical requirements, we've put together some helpful tips for you:

  1. Internet speed: For a great online experience the recommendation is a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload speed. Ideally would be 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for guaranteeing best quality.
  2. Browser recommendations: Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox and that your browser is fully up to date. Safari and Internet Explorer are not fully supported as they lack the support needed for live video events.

Just in case: If there is constant buffering, it could be a sign that your browser is not up to date. If it is, flip to compatibility mode/view as the buffering could then be an indication for an insufficient internet speed. There is still buffering after going to compatibility mode? Then try to switch browsers and go into compatibility mode in that one.

  1. Perfect device: The recommendation here is to take part via computer. If you cannot and have to use mobile, please use Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Hopin usage: Make sure you only have one Hopin tab open as there could be feedback or sound looping otherwise.

For more, you can also check out Hopin's FAQ.

The Details: How Hopin Works

Never used Hopin before? No problem! It's very intuitive and will be easy to use during Accento. To let you get to know the tool in advance, we've creates a short video tutorial providing a basic introduction to Hopin, namely to registration, reception, stage, and the expo area.

Account and Registration

Unlike other conference tools, it's necessary to create an account on Hopin before using it. Go to to create your account — it takes less than a minute. On the conference day itself you have to redeem your ticket by using the link you've received in the days before the event. Click on the Join event button, sign into your account (if you haven't done this already) and you're in!

Recorded Talks

Speaking of tracks and thus talks, this is a good opportunity to let you know that the talks were recorded beforehand. We feel that a remote live talk has all the downsides of both worlds: because it's remote, it's tough to form a connection between speaker and audience, and because it's live, things can go wrong. Instead, we will chat with speakers live before their talk, then play the recording (during which speakers will be active in chat), and then close with a 10 to 15 minute Q&A.

Getting Help

One more thing: If you have any problems or questions during conference day, use the chat on the main stage to reach with the orga team at any time. And remember, for the unlikely event that Hopin becomes unreachable, check the backup plan.

Session Area: Where the Interaction Takes Place

We want Accento to be more than just video and chat and the session area is where we intend to make this happen.

Important note: While attending the talks in the expo area is free, only conference visitors with a participant ticket can see the sessions. If you want to upgrade, just return your attendee ticket (we'll refund the full sum 😉) and get a participant ticket instead.

As you can see in the video, the session area is where all the interactive events like Q&As and panels take place. This will happen in moderated topic rooms where you can discuss with other developers and a few more rooms just for hanging out in case you want to talk about other topics.

No Webcam? Don't Worry

Unfortunately, Hopin won't let you join without a webcam. If you don't have a physical one or prefer not to turn it on, there are workarounds, though. There are a few tools that let you simulate a webcam:

  • Webcamoid works on Linux, Windows, and Mac
  • if you're already using OBS and are on Windows, check the OBS Virtualcam plugin
  • if you need more options, a good search term is virtual webcam

This way, the operating system, browser, and ultimately Hopin will have a webcam available and you can join sessions without actually sharing your image.

Virtual Networking: Meeting and Greeting

Curious how networking works in detail? Then our short networking tutorial will be the right choice.

Note that the networking area will not be open all day long. Instead, we'll open it at specific times as listen in the schedule.

How to make the best out of a digital conference day?

Here are a few more hints to make July 7th a great conference day:

  • Having a plan is always a good idea — At Accento there will be several interesting sessions at the same time. Hence it could help to look at the schedule in advance.
  • Culinary care — The bad news: Unfortunately, you must prepare your meal and snacks by yourself. The good news: you can have your favorite food at any time you like!
  • Take some breaks — You don't want to miss any important content? Easy to understand! Make sure that you take at least some breaks from sitting in front of the screen.
  • Clothing & co. — Of course, there will be no dress code, so wear whatever you like (at least you wear anything if you intend to turn on your camera 😉).
  • Best behavior — Last but not least, we want everyone to have a great experience at Accento and that means we expect everyone to make that possible for everyone else by behaving appropriately.